Meet N-MAC


N-Mac is a lovable interesting six year old boy, who comes from a family that has just been expanded. He now has a baby brother, this will make life different in his household. N-Mac is inspired by another special boy who has had to face many challenges in his young life. N-Mac is a character that many children can identify with. N-Mac faces many difficult challenges, due to his inability to express himself in a way that others will understand his thoughts.. This trait sometimes hinders him from being successful in social settings.

Many children suffer from a similar disability known as Asperger’s Syndrome. N-Mac finds comfort in things that are familiar to him. He feels extremely uncomfortable without his trusty baseball hat. He loves to wear his hats because they describe who he is and highlights his fascination with sports. N-Mac enjoys playing all kinds of sports. He often finds it difficult to be a part of a team, given his anxieties with expression.

N-Mac enjoys learning how to excel at new sports because of his love for balls, which happens to be another item that provides him with comfort. I invite you to read more about this fun loving character and all of his adventures.

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